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Give directly to Chicagoans in need with as little as $1/month. Join 300+ others giving on Goodsend today.

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Give a little, more often.

See who you’re giving to.

Transparency into who needs help currently, and what the funds will be used for. Check back for success stories afterwards.

See who else is giving.

See who is helping who, along with companies and organizations giving in your community.

With Goodsend, giving is simple and consistent. By giving as little as $1/month, you can keep helping local community members pay their bills.

Track your impact

View live giving activity by the minute. Track your personal impact and the collective impact being made in your community.

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Goodsend is the easiest way to give directly and connect with next-gen consumers at the same time. Learn more about becoming a featured sponsor as an organization or individual.

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Support your existing beneficiaries and incentivize new individuals to sign up for your services as a Goodsend community partner.

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