Local, social, direct giving.

Give directly to vetted recipients in Chicago. Join 500+ others in the Goodsend social network for direct giving.

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We are the philanthropists we’ve been waiting for.

We’ve built a community-funded stimulus that is simpler, faster, and more sustainable than a government stimulus. Check out how it’s going so farย  ๐Ÿ‘€

How does it work?

Continuous crowdfunding

Community of individual donors use Goodsend’s mobile crowdfunding platform to submit recurring micro-donations.

Vetted beneficiaries via nonprofit partners

Goodsend works directly with Chicago community organizations to onboard vetted beneficiaries from their programs on a rolling basis.

Funds disbursed every 2 weeks

100% of all donations are evenly to the pool of beneficiaries every two weeks. At that point, the fund resets and runs again via the Goodsend app.

Partners in the community

For the first time, give directly.

There are no existing charities or donation platforms which use 100% of funds to provide direct cash relief to their beneficiaries. With our mobile app and nonprofit partners in Chicago, we’ve made this a reality.

Social giving.

View a live feed of donation activity in your community (we never share amounts publicly), watch beneficiary testimonials, access live donations data and much more.

Make an impact, with any amount of money.

You don’t need to be wealthy to make an impact. Set up your Goodsend recurring donation with as little as $5/month, and be recognized for your philanthropy.

Testimonials from those receiving Goodsend cash reliefย 

Victor C., Age 58

“Goodsend funds have made it possible for me to turn my phone back on, purchase more minutes and speak to my mother who has been in poor health. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

Kim F., Age 26

“I’m saving the money for moving fees and costs to move to a safer neighborhood when my lease is up. The help you are giving is going to allow me to feel safe in my home and community again. Thank you for making this possible for me!”

A'cobee C., Age 63

“Your kindness has come at a time when I desperately needed a financial boost. I can never repay you for you act of generosity, but I hope to pass it along to others in my community. I myself am a Veteran, thank you all for your service.”

News from Goodsend

It’s time to tap into the power of “small”

We don’t have to wait to make an impact in the lives of others. Today, we’re the philanthropists our communities need. Through small, recurring donations we can make timely investments to those who can’t afford to wait. Together we can change our cities and planet for the better. Every little bit does more than help, it wins.