Give Directly Local With Trust to Students

Goodsend is a community of consumers, companies, neighborhood businesses, and brands sending tax-deductible micro-donations directly to local students and families in dire need of aid.

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Goodsend aims to reduce financial barriers for those in underrepresented communities and increase economic mobility.
Goodsend's direct giving app allows you to help local community members pay their bills, their rent, buy groceries and more
Goodsend — a social app for direct giving — is rolling out an interesting program: paying expenses (e.g., gas, phone bills) for underprivileged jobseekers

Give directly to students from local schools

We partner with established schools in the Chicago, Atlanta, and Bay Area communities to identify, vet, and support low-income students and families in need.

Testimonials from students that received direct financial aid.

Each month, a new batch of students and families in need receive a direct micro-grant from Goodsend’s community. Check out some of the stories from those that have received emergency financial aid.

for consumers

Help students in your city, with just $5/month

Goodsend allows consumers of all ages to make an impact on real lives in their communities. With a recurring donation of just $5/month, you’ll help students in your community cover bills, support their families, pay school fees, and more. All donations are tax-deductible.

for schools

Access micro-grants for your students, no strings attached

Goodsend is a free, emergency financial aid resource for low-income students and families in local communities. By signing up as a school partner, your staff can apply for micro-grants on behalf of students that are in need of financial relief to cover emergency expenses, school fees, rent, and more.

for companies

Free corporate giving platform for companies

Goodsend offers a free corporate giving platform for Chicagoland companies and their employees. Offer a new community outreach initiative at your company and engage with your workforce through impact.

for local businesses

Engage with your customers, online and in-person

Goodsend offers white-labeled donation pages for local businesses to drive impact with their next-gen audience. Whether you’re a restaurant, shop, or apartment building, giving with Goodsend is perfect way to get your brand noticed for community impact.


Make an impact with your crypto

Looking to make an impact with your crypto funds? Use your crypto wallet to put money into the hands of real students in need with Goodsend.

Why Goodsend is a better way to give


With our mobile and web giving platforms, we offer a seamless and easy way to give directly to local students.


By working with established school partners, we're able to offer vetted donation opportunities to our donors.


Give to the students and families that are currently in need of help in your own community.


With several recurring micro-donation options, Goodsend ensures that you never forget to help others.


Unlike other P2P giving platforms like GoFundMe, all donations made through Goodsend are tax-deductible.


See the impact that you're making on real lives in your community, via emailed thank you notes and updates.

Ready to get started?

Join over 1,000 consumers, companies, businesses, and brands that are giving directly to local students and families in need with Goodsend.