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Lives touched by Goodsend

The Goodsend community helped me cover my utility bills, as I searched for my new job. Thank you all for impacting my life!
chicago start up non profit
Lior S.
Age 30
The financial support from the Goodsend community has helped me tremendously as I work to graduate from DePaul University in Chicago.
Kaydan P.
Age 23
Thank you all for the direct donations! The help from the Goodsend community helped me cover expenses as I looked for my first job post-graduation.
Miguel T.
Age 22

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Help as much as you want.

Chip in with any amount of money you feel comfortable with, and be assured that your dollar is going directly to individuals in your community that are experiencing financial hardship.

Give with your friends.

Make the act of helping others a part of your identity, and track the impact of yourself and your peers within the app.

Help as often as you want.

Simply turn on notifications to receive alerts when trusted individuals in your community need help to cover an emergency expense.

Never miss a chance to help.

Set up a recurring contribution to a specific at-risk group of individuals in your community, then receive updates on the lives you’ve touched along the way.

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Interested in offering direct giving as a service to the community members you serve? Becoming a Goodsend Community Partner is a simple, free, and transparent process.

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Are you interested in the concept of direct giving in the community you do business in? Goodsend is the most innovative and impactful way to spend your donation dollars. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can begin making an impact today.

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Our Ambassadors enjoy monthly benefits from the Goodsend team, along with the prestige of aligning themselves with a social impact tech startup in their own community. Use your influence amongst your peers for good.

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