A community-funded safety net for low-income youth in Chicago.

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Goodsend aims to reduce financial barriers for those in underrepresented communities and increase economic mobility.
Goodsend's direct giving app allows you to help local community members pay their bills, their rent, buy groceries and more
Goodsend — a social app for direct giving — is rolling out an interesting program: paying expenses (e.g., gas, phone bills) for underprivileged jobseekers

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it as simple and trusted as possible to give cash directly to people in need, in local communities throughout the globe.

Our Vision

Goodsend will create localized community funds for low-income youth and families by creating a giving solution that is easy, ubiquitous, and incentivized within communities throughout the world.

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We partner with established schools in the Chicagoland community to identify, vet, and support low-income students and families in need.

Testimonials from students that received direct financial aid.

Each month, a new batch of Chicagoland students and families in need receive a direct micro-grant from Goodsend’s community. Check out some of the stories from those that have received emergency financial aid.

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Join over 1,000 consumers, companies, businesses, and brands that are giving directly to Chicagoland students and families in need with Goodsend.