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Chicagoland startups, SMBs, and enterprises use Goodsend’s free corporate giving platform to engage with their workforce and send donations directly to low-income students and families in the community.

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Several Chicagoland startups, SMBs, and enterprises have signed up for Goodsend's free corporate giving tool coming this fall

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Goodsend aims to reduce financial barriers for those in underrepresented communities and increase economic mobility.
Goodsend's direct giving app allows you to help local community members pay their bills, their rent, buy groceries and more
Goodsend — a social app for direct giving — is rolling out an interesting program: paying expenses (e.g., gas, phone bills) for underprivileged jobseekers

Company administrator dashboard

Get a daily overview of the impact that your company and employees have made on the lives of Chicago students and families, along with a hub of feel-good stories from local students and a leaderboard of the donors at your organization.

Tax-deductible corporate donations

Securely add your company’s payment information to your account to easily make one-time corporate tax-deductible donations directly to local students and families in need whenever you’d like to.

Dedicated instance for employees

In addition to your administrator account, receive a dedicated space for employees at your organization to securely make their own personal contributions to local students and families in need.

Employee engagement

Offer a free, unique resource to further engage with your next-gen workforce, through direct giving and local community outreach.

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Goodsend's corporate giving platform is built using industry-leading techonologies in payments, donations, and secure cloud infrastructure.

A better community outreach program for your company


The Goodsend corporate giving platform is a seamless and easy way to give directly to local students.


By working with established school partners, we're able to offer the most impactful and trusted donation opportunities to corporate donors.


Give to the students and families that are currently in need of help in the community that you do business in.


Our corporate giving platform is completely free-to-use. Each company's instance is securely hosted by Goodsend, with no fees and no fixed contracts for you.


Unlike other P2P giving platforms like GoFundMe, all donations made through Goodsend are tax-deductible.


Your workforce sees the impact that you're making on real lives in your community, via emailed thank you notes and updates.

Give directly to students from local schools​

We partner with established schools in the Chicagoland community to identify, vet, and support low-income students and families in need.

Testimonials from students that received direct financial aid.

Each month, a new batch of Chicagoland students and families in need receive a direct micro-grant from Goodsend’s community. Check out some of the stories from those that have received emergency financial aid.

Get early access for your company (it's free, no fixed contracts).

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