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Individuals of all ages, genders, and ethnicities can use Goodsend to send money directly to low-income Chicagoland students and families in need, once a month.

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Goodsend aims to reduce financial barriers for those in underrepresented communities and increase economic mobility.
Goodsend's direct giving app allows you to help local community members pay their bills, their rent, buy groceries and more
Goodsend — a social app for direct giving — is rolling out an interesting program: paying expenses (e.g., gas, phone bills) for underprivileged jobseekers

Give directly to students from local schools​

We partner with established schools in the Chicagoland community to identify, vet, and support low-income students and families in need.

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1K+ donors

Nearly 1,000 individuals have signed up as active donors in the Chicagoland community.

$35K+ donations

Since 2021, the community has sent over $35,000 in micro-grants to Chicago students and families in need.

200+ lives impacted

Since 2021, over 200 Chicagoland students and families in need have received emergency aid.

Trusted referral process

Chicagoland schools continuously refer new students in need to Goodsend. Students and their families commonly need help with emergency expenses such as rent, utilities, school fees, transportation, and more.

Monthly crowdfunding community

Nearly 1,000 individual donors are signed up to submit one-time and recurring monthly donations (as little as $5/month) on the Goodsend app and online.

Tax-deductible, direct donations

All donations are tax-deductible and securely sent directly into the bank accounts of Chicagoland students in need, via our industry leading payment partners at Stripe and Change.

Feel-Good updates

As a Goodsend donor, you’ll receive updates on how your donations are helping local students in need, along with tax-deductible receipts via email.

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Why Goodsend is a better way to give


With our mobile and web giving platforms, we offer a seamless and easy way to give directly to local students.


By working with established school partners, we're able to offer vetted donation opportunities to our donors.


Give to the students and families that are currently in need of help in your own community.


With several recurring micro-donation options, Goodsend ensures that you never forget to help others.


Unlike other P2P giving platforms like GoFundMe, all donations made through Goodsend are tax-deductible.


See the impact that you're making on real lives in your community, via emailed thank you notes and updates.

Testimonials from students that received direct financial aid.

Each month, a new batch of Chicagoland students and families in need receive a direct micro-grant from Goodsend’s community. Check out some of the stories from those that have received emergency financial aid.

Testimonials from Goodsend donors

Giving with Goodsend is the most effective and innovative way to donate directly to others in my community. I think any company with a Chicago presence should strongly consider joining their community.
Gabriel Adams
Product lead, gtm operations, google
Giving with Goodsend always feels like the most impactful way to give to others. I love having the opportunity to give directly to local students in need every month. I'd highly recommend Goodsend as a service to others!
Rohun Papa
senior product manager, stellar health
Goodsend makes the act of donating to others streamlined and immediately effective. I'm so excited to be a part of their Chicagoland community, and I hope to see it expand even more.
Sheel Shah
Senior analyst, jackson national asset management
I'd definitely recommend Goodsend to companies and consumers that are looking to make a real impact in the Chicagoland community. It's the easiest way to do good, consistently.
Ashley Williams
attorney, holland & knight llp

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