Give directly to Chicago students in need

The Goodsend Community Fund is the fastest and safest way to donate directly to Chicago students.
Set up a tax-deductible monthly contribution of as little as $5/month here, to help provide micro-grants directly to low-income CPS and local college students. 

Our funding process

Candidate referrals

Goodsend has established partnerships with local CPS schools and university nonprofits. These partners refers their students to the Goodsend network for aid.

Monthly fundraising

Goodsend onboards the student candidates and then collects one-time and recurring donations from its Chicago donor network. Both online and via mobile app.

Funds sent

Goodsend sends the micro-grants directly to the bank accounts of the school's referred student candidates and/or their families, with no strings attached.

Some of our amazing Chicago partners

We work with community organizations and schools to identify low-income college students and CPS students in need of funding.

Donate directly to Chicago Students

Our Chicago Donor Community

550+ Donors

Over 550 individual philanthropists and companies have joined our Chicagoland giving network.

$5/month average

We have a strong mix of recurring and one-time donors. The average Goodsend donor gives $5/month.

150+ members helped

Since 2021, over 150 Chicagoland students and families in need have received a micro-grant

Testimonials from those we've helped

Funds from the Goodsend community have made my day-to-day life much easier as I work to graduate from DePaul University. I didn't have much financial support in my life. The Goodsend community of giving has reduced that stress.
student at depaul university
referred by depaul usa
Becoming a recipient in the Goodsend Chicago network has drastically improved my financial situation. The funds have helped me pay for transportation and food. Thank you all for your assistance!
student at depaul university
referred by depaul usa
The funding I received from Goodsend helped me during my transition period after graduating college. It took me a bit to find employment, and I don't have financial support from my family. With Goodsend's help, I was able to pay my bills until I found a job.
recently graduated student in milwaukee
referred by risekit
You all helped me pay my bills while I finished my SkillUp program in Chicago. I didn't have much money during the program, and needed this help until I found a new job. Thank you all so much for the help!
recently graduated student in chicago
referred by risekit

🎁 This month’s giveaway item

Every month, we award one lucky Goodsend donor with a free prize. Previous giveaway items have included PS5’s, Venmo Cash Prizes, Starbucks gift cards, and more.

This month’s giveaway item is a $100 Uber gift card! Make a contribution to the Goodsend Community Fund for Chicago students this month to automatically enter. Recurring donors always earn 3x entries. The winner will be announced on social media and notified directly via email.

  • Goodsend partners with Our Change Foundation (EIN 86-3353394) to ensure that all donations are tax-deductible. 
  • Donations are processed and then sent directly to the bank accounts of low-income Chicago students each month.
  • You’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt via email, as well as updates from the students you’ve helped.
  • We also have an iOS app for direct giving, download it here!