This past May 2021, Goodsend was honored to be covered in a full piece by Forbes and their leading writer for social impact technologies, Afhdel Aziz. Below is an excerpt from their interview with our founder, Arjun Srivastava:

Aziz: How do you draw design inspiration from apps like Acorns and Robinhood – they simplified saving like you’re trying to simplify giving?

Arjun: I believe that they’re two consumer products which democratized finance for a new generation.

I began using Acorns when I was in college, and loved the process of depositing ‘round-ups’ from my purchases and weekly micro-deposits into a personal investment account. It made the act of saving and investing feel much more accessible for someone like myself in their early 20s, who didn’t have much money as a student.

At Robinhood, they brought next-gen investors into the stock market, at a tremendous scale. Once again, it comes down to making important financial behaviors feel more accessible. Investing used to be something associated with well-established professionals or bankers on Wall Street, but now it’s a common behavior for the masses.

With Goodsend, we’re democratizing philanthropy. When you normally donate to a charity, the money isn’t going directly into the pockets of those in need. You also won’t ever feel the impact of your smaller donations.

By taking a mobile-first approach, focusing on direct micro-giving, and building a consumer product with rewards and incentives, we can change that. We hope to enable the masses to become philanthropists, in the same way other platforms have enabled so many to become investors.

Read the full piece here: