Give locally, give directly.

Goodsend makes giving direct and personal. Everyone is a philanthropist. The amount doesn’t matter, the act does.

With Goodsend, anyone can be a philanthropist. Our community is sustained by a network of over 300+ next-gen users in Chicago, IL.

Whether you can afford to give $1/month or $10/week, with Goodsend, you can be certain that your dollars are going directly into the pockets of people who need it in your community.

How does it work?

Arjun downloads Goodsend from the iOS App Store
He joins the network by setting up a recurring micro-donation
Local nonprofit refers David to Goodsend, as he needs help with his utility bills this month.
Goodsend takes Arjun’s donation, and securely sends it into David’s bank account.
David receives the funds from Arjun and others, and is able to pay his utility bill. He shares a thank you note to be shared with the Goodsend community after.
Arjun receives notification and views the thank you note from David. He feels good knowing that he’s helping real people in his city, as often as he’d like.
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Happy Users

Goodsend is the easiest way to give directly to someone in need, no strings attached! I'd 100% recommend it to others.
Program Manager at Twitter
It's hard to remember to pause daily life and give back as much as I should. Goodsend does it for me, allowing me to do and feel good every month.
Product Manager at VillageMD
Caring for patients in their time of need is my passion. Giving with Goodsend offers me an additional way to help others, in a way that is simple, safe and consistent.
Resident at Northwestern Medicine

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