Give to Noble Schools students and families

This is Noble Schools dedicated space for donating directly to low-income Noble students and families that need financial support. All students and/or their families are referred by staff members at each of our 18 campuses. Donations are processed and facilitated directly to these students by our partners at Goodsend
If you have any questions before making a contribution, please reach out to Arjun Srivastava at [email protected].

Noble Student in need of help:

Ashley (name changed for privacy) is a low-income high school student at the Noble Academy. She works with the social services team at the school and they’ve referred her request for financial aid to us. 
Ashley’s mother has been very sick recently and unable to work. Due to this, Ashley and her family have medical bills and other pending expenses that are making it very difficult for her to attend school. Her family is looking for assistance to cover their pending bills this month. 

How much the student has requested:

$800, but any amount is appreciated.

Noble School Campus:

The social services department at The Noble Academy

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we donating to via this page?

Our partners at Goodsend have set up and maintain this page on our behalf. Goodsend works with Noble Schools, to facilitate donations directly to our low-income students and families in need. Each month, funds that are donated here are sent directly to the bank accounts of a Noble student and/or family, in order to cover their emergency expenses. You will receive email updates after the student and/or family receives their funds.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, you will receive an emailed tax-deductible receipt via email after your donation processes.

Why does my receipt mention ‘Our Change Foundation’?

Our Change Foundation partners with Goodsend, to process donations on this page, and ensure that they are tax-deductible. Donations are processed by this organization, before being disbursed directly to the intended student recipients.

When does the recipient from this page receive my donation?

Donations are collected via this page and others in Goodsend’s local network, and then disbursed directly to the intended student or family by the end of each month. Look out for updates and thank you notes from Goodsend via email after they receive their funds.

  • All donations to our fund are processed by Chicago tech company, Goodsend.
  • Goodsend’s network has over 600 Chicago donors and has provided nearly $35,000 in micro-grants to Chicago families since 2021
  • They partner with Our Change Foundation (EIN 86-3353394) to ensure that all donations are tax-deductible. 
  • Donations are processed and then sent directly to our intended recipient for the month.
  • Goodsend has an iOS app for direct giving, download it here!