Goodsend for Schools

Chicagoland schools partner with Goodsend to access emergency micro-grants for their low-income students and families in need.

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We partner with established schools in the Chicagoland community to identify, vet, and support low-income students and families in need.

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Goodsend aims to reduce financial barriers for those in underrepresented communities and increase economic mobility.
Goodsend's direct giving app allows you to help local community members pay their bills, their rent, buy groceries and more
Goodsend — a social app for direct giving — is rolling out an interesting program: paying expenses (e.g., gas, phone bills) for underprivileged jobseekers

Easy application processes

Staff members at Goodsend school partners gain access to a secure micro-grant application form, which they can use to apply for one-time micro-grants (up to $300 each) on behalf of their students that are in need.

Quick funding decisions

The Goodsend team keeps the student’s information confidential and provides a decision and timeline for each micro-grant application within 48 hours.

Secure, direct payments

If approved, Goodsend securely onboards the student into its’ payment system (hosted by Stripe), so that we can send their micro-grant directly to their bank account when the funds are available.

Ongoing crowdfunding and disbursements

Goodsend gathers monthly donations from its’ growing community of Chicagoland donors – both individuals and organizations – and sends micro-grants directly to the bank accounts of onboarded student recipients throughout each calendar month.

'No strings attached' funding

Goodsend does not track how the funds are spent after the student and/or their guardian receives their payment. Our team simply asks for a testimonial or thank you note that can be shared with our community of donors afterward.

Why schools partner with Goodsend


Goodsend's community of local donors and micro-grant system are a 100% free resource for Chicagoland schools.


We ensure personal and financial confidentiality for all student micro-grant requests. Funds are sent via our industry leading partners at Stripe.


A seamless application process for school staff and quick funding decisions for each student's request.


Offer direct payments as a service for your low-income students and families, no strings attached.

Local Community

School partners tap into a growing network of nearly 1,000 Chicagoland donors that are giving to local students in need.


Goodsend is a tech startup and innovative partner for Chicagoland schools and students.

Trusted by

We partner with established schools in the Chicagoland community to identify, vet, and support low-income students and families in need.

Testimonials from students that received direct financial aid.

Each month, a new batch of Chicagoland students and families in need receive a direct micro-grant from Goodsend’s community. Check out some of the stories from those that have received emergency financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I become a school partner?

Get in touch with us using the contact form below, or, email us directly at [email protected]. We are always looking for great Chicagoland schools to partner with, in an effort to support additional students and families in need.

How do students apply for funding once we're a partner?

Once your school is a Goodsend partner, your staff will receive access to a secure micro-grant application form. Whenever there is a low-income student in need of emergency funding, your staff can assist the student in completing this application form and submitting it to Goodsend for review.

How do students receive the funds?

We set up each student recipient or their guardians in our secure payment system, using Stripe. With Stripe, students can receive funds directly into their bank account or to their debit card.

Will my students' names and other sensitive information be kept confidential?

Yes. We ensure this via signed linkage agreements with all of our school partners.

What can my students apply for funding for?

Goodsend provides one-time micro-grants, no strings attached. Students commonly request funds for rent, utility bills, school fees, transportation, and more. However, we don’t check where or how the micro-grant was spent once a student receives them.

Do my students need to pay the money back?

No, our micro-grants are not loans. They are direct payments that come via donations from our Chicagoland community of donors.

How much does it cost to become a Goodsend school partner?

$0. There are no costs associated.

Does my staff or students need to download an app to receive funding?


Let's get funding to your students, no strings attached.

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