We help real individuals in need get back on their feet.

Goodsend is the simplest and most trusted way to give cash directly to community members in need of immediate support. Our direct giving community has already provided direct aid to hundreds of individuals in Chicago. Check out some of the real testimonials from those that have received help from the Goodsend community.

Real stories from some of our recipients

The Goodsend community helped me cover my utility bills, as I searched for my new job. Thank you all for impacting my life!
chicago start up non profit
Lior S.
Age 30
The financial support from the Goodsend community has helped me tremendously as I work to graduate from DePaul University in Chicago.
Kaydan P.
Age 23
Thank you all for the direct donations! The help from the Goodsend community helped me cover expenses as I looked for my first job post-graduation.
Miguel T.
Age 22
Thank you all so much for your help! I used the funds from Goodsend to pay my internet and phone bills this month.​
thomas direct given app testimonial
Thomas Y.
Age 52
I recently got a new job and had trouble covering initial costs of transportation to work. The funds from Goodsend helped a lot and made starting my new job much easier.
chicago direct giving
David S.
Age 22
I used the $100 from Goodsend to pay my light bill! I was close to finding a new job, and needed a little immediate help to cover expenses. These funds helped me during a tough time of my life.​
direct giving in chicago app
Tania W.
Age 23
This Goodsend payment helped me cover my utility bills at a time of my life when I really needed the help. Thank you all so much for being so thoughtful and considerate of others!​
Reiahnna J.
Age 30
These funds helped me keep food on the table for a couple of weeks, while I went through my job search with RiseKit. I'm happy to say I've since found employment! It may not have been possible without your support.​
Alonzo B.
Age 22
Needed these funds desperately to cover my bills recently. I'm so thankful that I was referred to Goodsend, and I'm even more thankful to all the donors in the community who supported me. God bless you all.
Jon N.
Age 40

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