We provide micro-grants directly to Chicago students

Goodsend uses its local network of philanthropy to provide micro-funding directly to low-income students and families at CPS schools and nonprofits.

We made an impact in 2021.

In 2021, we worked with amazing community organizations and used our giving network to send micro-funding to individuals in vulnerable populations such as the homeless, underrepresented job-seekers, and low-income college students.

Moving forward, we're focusing on helping students.

As we move forward at Goodsend, we’re empowering our direct giving network to exclusively serve our future generation of leaders, innovators, doctors, lawyers, and business owners. 

our mission for 2022

Why we're helping local students

Homelessness is too common

Nearly 15% of CPS students experiences some form of homelessness in the city of Chicago.

Ramifications of poverty

Nearly 1 in 7 of all CPS students and local college students have experienced the effects of poverty.

Low income leads to low grades

Poor students in CPS receive more Ds and Fs than students from advantaged backgrounds. Conversely, wealthier students receive more As and Bs.

Our funding process

Candidate referrals

Goodsend establishes a partnership with local CPS school or university organization. This partner refers their students to the Goodsend network for aid.

Monthly fundraising

Goodsend posts the students requests to its direct giving network of individual and corporate donors in the Chicago. Their donors contribute to the cause.

Funds sent

Goodsend sends the micro-grant directly to the bank account of the school's referred student candidate and/or their family, with no strings attached.

Some of our amazing Chicago partners

We work with community organizations and schools to identify low-income college students and CPS students in need of funding.

Testimonials from those we've helped

Funds from the Goodsend community have made my day-to-day life much easier as I work to graduate from DePaul University. I didn't have much financial support in my life. The Goodsend community of giving has reduced that stress.
student at depaul university
referred by depaul usa
Becoming a recipient in the Goodsend Chicago network has drastically improved my financial situation. The funds have helped me pay for transportation and food. Thank you all for your assistance!
student at depaul university
referred by depaul usa
The funding I received from Goodsend helped me during my transition period after graduating college. It took me a bit to find employment, and I don't have financial support from my family. With Goodsend's help, I was able to pay my bills until I found a job.
recently graduated student in milwaukee
referred by risekit
You all helped me pay my bills while I finished my SkillUp program in Chicago. I didn't have much money during the program, and needed this help until I found a new job. Thank you all so much for the help!
recently graduated student in chicago
referred by risekit

Do you work at a CPS school or Chicago university? Get in touch.

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Proudly serving in Chicago, IL.